Letters and Sounds: Alphabet Hunt

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Letters and Sounds: Alphabet Hunt

This outdoor letters and sounds alphabet activity can be used in a variety of ways for children aged 4 - 8. Your class will go around their outdoor space finding things for each letter of the alphabet and either drawing or writing them on the sheet. A differentiated set is provided with clues for some letters.

This can be used as a whole lesson activity for younger students or as a great warm up activity for the older students.


  • Teacher guide.
  • Booklet Front Cover
  • A - Z worksheets with clues (diff. 1).
  • A - Z worksheets without clues (diff. 2).

Attached Files:

Teacher Notes.pdf
Front Cover.pdf
Alphabet Hunt - Diff. 1.pdf
Alphabet Hunt - Diff. 2.pdf


Let us know how you got on with this activity. If you wish to discuss this resource in detail please use the discussion forum.

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