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Animal Investigation: The Bird Feed Investigation
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What do birds like to eat? That's a question that will keep your students focused for hours.  With this exciting outdoor science investigation your class will make their own bird feeders and carry out an investigation to find out which food the birds prefer.

This outdoor science investigation is a great supplement to your animal topic. Your class will investigate what birds love to eat. It is a practical and engaging investigation that will help your students think about fair testing and develop their investigation skills.

Your class will make bird feeders and take them outside to see which foods attract the most birds. As a challenge the class can think about which species of birds like which foods.

This investigation is best done over two or three lessons.

Lesson 1: Introducing the investigation and planning.

Lesson 2: Making the bird feeders and doing the investigation.

Lesson 3: Looking at results, drawing conclusions, and creating graphs.


  • Teacher's guide.
  • Investigation introduction.
  • Bird feeder instructions.
  • 2 x differentiated investigation planning templates.
  • 2 x differentiated results tables.

This resource is available in US English and British English versions.

Check out our bird ID guides to help with this investigation:


Teacher Guide.pdf
Investivation Introduction - (US English).pdf
Investigation Introduction - (British English).pdf
Bird Feeder Instructions.pdf
Investigation Plan - Diff. 1.pdf
Investigation Plan - Diff. 2.pdf
Results Table - Diff. 1.pdf
Results Table - Diff. 2.pdf
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