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Animal Mapping

For this activity students will create a map of your outdoor space imagining they are an animal that lives there. It is great if you’re looking at habitats, food chains, or just want to get students looking closely at your outdoor space.

- In groups of 3 or 4, get the students to choose an animal that they will find in your outdoor space. - Complete the animal ID sheet for their chosen animal.

- Each group will imagine they are their animal and look around the outdoor space for dangers and goodies.

- Either on a print out of your outdoor space, or by creating their own map, students will plot on any dangers and goodies from their animal’s perspective that they may find (good hiding spaces, food, predators, dangers, etc.). Encourage them to examine the outdoor space closely.

- By the end of the activity, students should have a map of the outdoor space from their animal’s perspectives with the goodies and dangers labelled.

English: Students could go onto write ‘a day in the life of…’ using the information they have found it. Check www.educateoutside.com for an activity pack.

Math: Use the coordinates sheet for students to make a list of all the goodies and dangers they have found.

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