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Christmas Treasure Map - Instruction Writing
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This is a fun Christmas themed Literacy activity where your students will write treasure map instructions for their partner to find the Christmas present. This activity works great at the end of term where you can give a little gift to each child to put in the present they hide and write instructions for.

Teaching Structure:

- Give each child (or get them to make) a small box for them to decorate and put either a small note with a Christmas message or a gift you've provided inside.

- Explain that they're going to hide the present outside and then write a set of instructions for their partner to follow, find, and unwrap.

- At this point it's good to give an example of some instructions giving simple directions, demonstrating how clear and detailed they need to be. E.g. Walk forwards 10 steps. Turn right and walk to the big tree.

- Get the students to hide their present then come back to a designated starting point and begin to write their instructions.

- Once all of the instructions are finished, they can swap with their partner and try to find the gift.

Extension: Get the student to draw a map to go along with their instructions.

Equipment needed:

- Activity pack

- Small box (or card for the students to make their own).

- Clipboards

Outdoor Advent Calendar
Christmas Sports Task Cards