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Column Subtraction Olympics Free Sample

This column subtraction olympics lesson will get your class outside, keeping fit, while doing math! Column subtraction olympics is a great activity for your students to practise column subtraction.. In pairs, they will complete timed activities where they subtract their results using column subtraction to obtain a final score.

This is a sample of our complete pack and only contains the activity sheet for whole numbers.

The full pack contains three levels of differentiation.

  • Diff 1 – Whole two-digit numbers.
  • Diff 2 - Numbers with one decimal place.
  • Diff 3 – Numbers with two decimal places.

Resources needed:

  • Activity sheets
  • Timers

Check out the full resource here.

Column Subtraction Olympics Teacher's Guide.pdfDownload
Subtraction Olympics Activity - Diff. 1.pdfDownload
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