Compass Directions – Where Am I?

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Compass Directions - Where Am I?

This is a game where students will have to figure out where their classmate was standing by using the compass bearings / degrees and what they have said they could see. It’s a great way to learn about compass directions and degrees while exploring the outdoors and enjoying nature. First, students choose a place in the school / outdoor grounds and record on their sheet what they can see at each given compass bearing. They then swap sheets with a classmate and head off to try and figure out where they were stood by using the information in the table.

This resource contains two sets of differentiated sheets:

  • Compass headings (north, south, etc.)
  • Degrees.

Resources needed per student

  • Differentiated activity sheet - Compass

Attached Files:

Teacher Guide
Headings Activity Sheet (diff. 2)
Headings Activity Sheet (diff. 1)
Degrees Activity Sheet (diff. 1)
Degrees Activity Sheet (diff. 2)


Let us know how you got on with this activity. If you wish to discuss this resource in detail please use the discussion forum.

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