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Compost Relay - Sustainability & Pollution

This is a great team activity to get children thinking carefully about composting. They will have to sort object cards based on whether they can be composted or not in a fun relay race.

Teaching structure:

- Discuss what composting is and why it's so important. - Put the students into teams of 3 or 4.

- Have two labeled zones or tubs for 'compost' and 'don't compost'.

- Get the students to line up in their teams a good distance from the zones or tubs.

- The first person from each team collects an object card from the teacher and takes it back to their team (if you want to make this even more exciting you could use real items!).

- The team discusses whether it can be composted or not before the first player runs it to the correct zone / tub.

- The next child then runs to collect a new card. - Do this activity for an agreed amount of time or until all of the object cards have been used.

- Go through the object cards to see if they are all correct.

- To add a greater level of competition you can get each team to write or put a colored sticker on each of the cards they collect and then count up how many cards each team got correct.

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