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CVC Rhyming Pair Cards
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This is a great resource to introduce or recap rhyming that can be used in a variety of ways. This pack contains 32 rhyming pairs with visual prompts on each card.

Outdoor Activity – Rhyming pairs hunt (whole class or small groups). Cut out and laminate the cards. Hide them around your outdoor space. Get the students to go find as many rhyming pairs as they can. To extend this activity you could get them to write a short poem or sentence using the rhyming pairs that they've found.

Memory Pairs (in pairs or small groups). Put the cards face down spread out on the table or floor. Taking it in turns, the students will flip over two cards. If they find a rhyming pair they take the cards and have another go, if not then the cards get turned facedown and the next player tries to find a pair.

Match The Pairs (individual or pairs). This is a very simple but effective activity where students will simply match the cards with their correct rhyming pair.

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