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DIY Wind Vane - STEM Project - Weather
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This is a great STEM project to get students exploring the local weather as they design and build their very own wind vanes before recording the wind direction over a given time period. This projects is great if you're looking at points of the compass, the weather, fractions, or as a fun STEM challenge.

Teaching Structure:

- Talk about what a wind vane is and why they can be useful.

- In small groups, complete the design sheet by getting students to think of their own ideas about how to build a wind vane. If you don't want to do this, just use the example design.

- Share each idea and discuss whether they'll work or not.

- Share the example design. - Complete the final design sheet if their designs have changed.

- Build the wind vane.

- Place the wind vane in a suitable location and complete the record sheet over a given time period. It can be interesting to put each group in a different place and then compare their results to see any variations in wind directions.

- Complete the evaluation questions.

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