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Easter Egg Coordinates
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This activity is great to get your children active and learning about coordinates while developing basic mapping skills. They also get to eat chocolate!

For this activity to work you need to go onto Google Maps Satellite (or similar) and zoom into your school or grounds that you want to use. Print screen the page, paste it onto a document, change the size so that it fits into half an A4 page and then print enough for your class. The students will cut and stick the bird’s eye view of the grounds onto their sheet before drawing the coordinate grid lines over the top.

Before the lesson you’ll need to buy the correct amount of small eggs for your class (5 per child). You can also get the students to initial each egg (or another way to identify) so they don’t collect the wrong ones! Once the students have hidden the eggs and filled in the coordinates they can swap sheets with a partner and go on the egg hunt.

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