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Energy Detectives - Forms of Energy Lesson
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Energy is all around us, inside and out, as your class will find out with this fun and practical lesson. This activity is a great introduction or recap for your ‘forms of energy’ topic as students will go on a hunt to see how many different forms of energy they can spot.

Teaching Structure:

- Get your students to run on the spot, do star jumps, push ups etc. (tire them out!). Explain that in order to do this they need energy, however energy can come in lots of different forms. There are lots of good videos on youtube that you can watch to help introduce this topic.

- Definitions sheet: Get the students to complete the definitions sheet (or use the pre-populated one) so they have a good understanding as to what the different forms of energy are. They can take this with them to help with the main activity.

- Record Sheet (differentiated): In pairs, get students to walk around (inside and out) for 15 – 20 minutes recording down the different forms of energy they can spot.

  • Class discussion: Once the students have seen which kinds of energy they could spot, discuss their findings as a class or in small groups. This activity can be great in all sorts of weather! Don't be afraid of them waterproofing up and heading outside
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