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Fact and Opinion Race Cards
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This is a fun and active way to get students thinking carefully about the difference between facts and opinions as part of your non-fiction texts topic. This resource contains animal and space themed task cards which the students need to sort into facts and opinions.

There are two activities we enjoy using the cards for.

Activity 1: Put students into teams of 4 or 5. In an open space, designate an area for facts and an area for opinions. Give each team a pack of cards and make them stand a good distance away from the designated fact / opinion areas (15 meters works nicely). Each team must take the top card and decide whether it’s a fact or opinion. Then one player must run and place the card in the correct zone before running back to their team. Once they’re back at their team they can discuss the next card and the next player can run to put it in the correct zone. Do this until all of the cards are in the correct zones.

Activity 2: Designate an area for facts and an area for opinions (two sides of a playground work well). As you read out the task cards the students must decide whether it’s a fact or opinion and run to the correct area. If you want to turn this into a game, the last student to the correct zone is out.

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