Forces and Motion Outdoor Challenge Cards

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Forces and Motion Outdoor Challenge Cards

Get your class engaged with your forces and motion topic from the very start with this exciting outdoor science scavenger hunt activity. It’s also a fantastic way to assess what your class already know or have learnt during the forces and motion topic.

It’s a hassle free resource with minimum prep, designed to engage students with a wide range of learning styles.

This pack contains 10 challenge task cards that cover the following areas:

- Air resistance

- Gravity

- Floating and sinking

- Friction

- Magnetism

My class had great fun in the outdoors while learning and recapping their skills. A fantastic lesson when the sun in shining!


- Teacher’s Guide

- 8 x Differentiated Answer Sheets For The Children To Complete

- 10 x Challenge Task Cards

Top Tip: Laminate your cards so they can be used time and time again!

Resources needed for cards:

1 - Leaves

2 - A4 and A3 paper

3 - Sticks

4 - Magnets

5 - Toy car

6 - Bucket of water

7 - Tennis ball & similar sized plastic ball

8 - Football / basketball

9 - Bin bag / similar

10 - Tennis ball & similar sized plastic ball

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