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Fractions Scavenger Hunt Task Cards
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These fraction task cards will give your students loads of practice at recognizing fractions when given a group of objects as they hunt for the task cards in your outdoor space.

This resource contains 14 task cards and differentiated answer sheets.

Diff. 1 - They musts simply work out the fraction.

Diff. 2 - They must work out the fraction as well as simplifying it if possible.

Some of the task cards requires resources to be left next to them in order for the students to complete the card. As you hide the fraction task cards around your outdoor space be sure to check what resources are needed next to each card.

Equipment needed:

- Fraction Cards -

Answer Sheets

- String

- Stones

- Sticks

- Scales

- Tape Measure

- Bucket of water

Fraction Scavenger unt Teacher Guide.pdf
Fractions Scavenger Hunt Task Cards.pdf
Fraction Task Cards Answer Sheet_ Diff. 1.pdf
Fraction Task Cards Answer Sheet_ Diff. 2.pdf
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