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Grass Gone Wild
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For this investigation your class will have a look at how our actions can impact local wildlife, encouraging them to think about what kind of habitats certain animals and plants thrive in. Throughout this study students will develop their investigation, observation, and statistic / data handling skills as they leave an area of maintained grass untouched for a few weeks and observe the changes that happen.

This investigation fits in really well if you are looking at living things, habitats, or sustainability.

To set up this investigation you need to find an area of grass which has been well maintained (cut regularly) that you have permission to corner off (1 meter square per group) and leave untouched for a few weeks.

Suggested teaching structure:

- Investigation brief
- Maintained grass results table
- Bar graph 1
- Unmaintained grass results table (to be completed several times over a couple of weeks – once a week works well).
- Bar graph 2
- Bar graph 3
- Investigation questions

Resources needed for each group:

- Teaching pack
- Tape measure
- Cones and string (or anything to mark out the grass area)
- Magnifying glass
- Identification sheet (in the teaching pack), books, and the internet to help students identify animals and plants.

Teacher Guide
Investigation Brief
Maintained Grass Results Table (British English)
Maintained Grass Results Table (US English)
Bar Graph 1 (diff. 1)
Bar Graph 1 (diff. 2)
Unmaintained Grass Results Table
Bar Graph 2 (diff. 1)
Bar Graph 2 (diff. 2)
Bar Graph 3 (diff. 1)
Bar Graph 3 (diff. 2)
Results Questions (diff. 1)
Results Questions (diff. 2)
Natural Sculptures: STEM Activity
Plant Mapping