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Greenhouse Effect Science Investigation
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This is a great outdoor experiment that demonstrates how the earth is kept warm enough for life (as well as global warming) through the greenhouse effect. 

They will carry out an experiment comparing the difference in temperature between the air in a glass jar compared to the air outside of the jar. This demonstrates the effect the greenhouse gases have on the Earth.

They will go onto think about what happens when we add to the greenhouse gases and the effect this has on the Earth's temperature. 

Equipment needed: tall jar, 2 x thermometers, 2 x pieces of white card, timer, sunshine & an activity pack.   

Teaching Structure: 

- Ask the students how they think the Earth is kept warm. Explain that there are gases in the atmosphere that trap the warming radiation in and keep the Earth warm.

- Explain that they are going to demonstrate this process by looking how the air warms up in a glass compared to the air outside of the glass.

- Get the students to complete the method sheet. 

- Place 2 pieces of white card on the floor in a sunny spot (to keep the floor variable the same).

- Put the jar with a thermometer in on one piece of card and put the lid on (if the lid is opaque put the jar upside down). Place the other thermometer on the other bit of card.

- Record the temperature of both thermometers at the decided intervals and record the results in the table.

- Complete the discussion questions and evaluation sheet.

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