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Guess The Tree - Adjectives

This activity is all about hugging trees! It's perfect to encourage students to use adjectives in their descriptive writing as they use their senses (apart from sight and taste) to describe a tree as best as they can.

Teaching Structure:

- Recap on what an adjective is.

- Put the students into pairs with one blindfolded.

- The partner which isn't blindfolded will lead their blindfolded partner to a tree of their choice.

- The blindfolded students must think of adjectives to describe the tree using touch and smell. Their partner can record the adjectives they are thinking of on the activity sheet.

- After a couple of minutes the blindfolded partner is carefully taken back to the spot they started away from the tree and the blindfold is removed.

- They then must see if they can find the tree that they were just describing. - Swap the blindfold and repeat.

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