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Habitats: Habitat Hunt
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This outdoor animal habitat activity will require your class to get outside and hunt out habitats based on the information from the animal fact cards.

It is the perfect way to get your students thinking about how different animals live in different habitats according to their needs.

This can be used to introduce a topic on habitats, or it can also be used as a stand-alone lesson to get the class learning all about habitats while exploring outdoors.


  •  Teacher guide.
  • 18 X animal fact cards (choose the ones appropriate for your location).
  • 1 X record sheet.
Teacher Notes.pdf
Record Sheet.pdf
Animal Cards - Butterfly & Beetle.pdf
Animal Cards - Cardinal & Racoon.pdf
Animal Cards - Chipmunk & Rattlesnake.pdf
Animal Cards - Damselfly & Shield Bug.pdf
Animal Cards - Earwig & Spider.pdf
Animal Fact Cards - Frog & Duck.pdf
Animal Cards - Rabbit & Mouse.pdf
Animal Cards - Snail & Ant.pdf
Animal Cards - Squirrel & Hedgehog.pdf
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