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Letting Things Go - Autumn PSHE Lesson

"Trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go."

Trees in autumn are a great metaphor when thinking about how good it can be to let things go be it bad habits or forgiving those that have been mean to us. 

This is a great PSHE lesson to do this autumn where your students will think about what they would like to let go. 

Talk to your students about what they may want to let go this autumn and leave behind them. Maybe they could let go saying mean things, not sharing, not letting others join in a game, or forgive somebody who has upset them. 

Once they've thought about four things they can let go get them to record them on the activity sheet (one per leaf). 

Once they've completed the sheet get them to go outside and find four big leaves from the ground and write the four things they are going to let go. Once the class have all finished writing on the leave you can let them throw the leaves in the air to symbolize letting go. 

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