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Mini-Beasts / Insects In Trees Investigation

Exploring what hides in the depths of the trees is a great way to look at habitats, classification and living things as well improving observation skills and sparking their interest in science and the world around them.

Get a large white cloth or tarpaulin and lay it out underneath a tree with branches you can reach. Shake the branches for several seconds. Students can now find and observe the different mini-beasts that have fallen from the tree.

It’s great if you’re able to provide microscopes and magnifying glasses to take a closer look. The students can keep a simple record of what they’ve discovered on the record sheets.

Extension activities: Older students could do some report writing on one of the mini-beasts they found.


Equipment needed:

- Large white cloth / tarpaulin

- Record sheets

- Magnifying glasses (optional)

- Microscopes (optional)

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