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My Cloud Diary
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This cloud diary is a fantastic way to introduce students to weather forecasting as well as getting them outside and observing the changes in the weather each day. Briefly explain how clouds are formed, linking it to the water cycle.

Tell your students that they will go outside each day and see what clouds they can spot (using the cloud ID sheet) and record their results in the table. You could talk about the kind of weather we would expect to see with each of the different cloud types. They may start to make their own predictions about the weather.

Before you get the students to do their diary, it's worth looking at the weather forecast to try and choose a period with varied weather. This resource contains 2 activity sheets, a cloud ID sheet, as well as some evaluation questions.

Cloud Diary Teacher Guide.pdf
Cloud ID Sheet.pdf
Cloud DiaryActivity Sheets.pdf
Cloud Diary Evaluation Questions.pdf
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