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My Nature Report: Ages 4 - 6

Introduce your class to reports by getting them to observe nature in the world around them. They will head outside to find an animal to produce a report on, gathering their information through close observation and possibly some simple research.

Once they have decided on their animal, they need to begin to fill in their report template by drawing a picture and answering some simple questions about the animal. It is best if your students have access to magnifying glasses for this activity. Once they have done this they can then use other methods of research to find out more information on their chosen animal.


  • Differentiated template sheet
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Books / technology for research (optional)


This resource can work well in pairs where students are able to support one another.

Template - Diff. 1 (British Spelling).pdfDownload
Template - Diff. 1 (US Spelling).pdfDownload
Template - Diff. 2 (British Spelling).pdfDownload
Template - Diff. 2 (US Spelling).pdfDownload
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