Number Bonds: Active Bingo (Ages 9-11)

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Number Bonds: Active Bingo (Ages 9-11)

A fun and practical number bond activity suitable for ages 9-11. Use this differentiated activity to get your class running around while improving their mental number bond skills.

Hide the cards around your outdoor area and get your students running around finding the correct number bonds to complete their bingo sheet.

There are 4 differentiated bingo sheets with lots of different numbers cards.


  • Teacher guide.
  • Bingo sheet 1 (bonds 15 – 60).
  • Bingo sheet 2 (bonds 75 – 200).
  • Bingo sheet 3 (bonds 145 – 500).
  • Bingo sheet 4 (bonds 300 – 900).
  • 36 x number cards.

Attached Files:

Teacher Guide.pdf
Number Cards.pdf
Bingo Sheet - (bonds 15-60).pdf
Bingo Sheet - (bonds 75-200).pdf
Bingo Sheet - (bonds 145-500).pdf
Bingo Sheet - (bonds 300-900).pdf


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