Plant Mapping

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Plant Mapping

For this cross-curricular (science and math) activity your students will create a map of where to find different plant species in a chosen area. In order to draw the map, your class will use appropriate equipment to measure the different features of the area, working out the perimeter and area of each feature. They will then use technology and books to identify the plants they can spot and mark it on their maps.

In order to provide enough resources, this activity is best done in pairs or small groups.

Resources needed per group or pair:

  • Activity pack
  • Trundle wheel (or equivalent)
  • iPads or tablets (for a plant identification App)
  • Plant identification books or posters

Attached Files:

Teacher GuideDownload 
Plant MapDownload 
Evaluation Questions (diff. 1)Download 
Evaluation Questions (diff. 2)Download 


Let us know how you got on with this activity. If you wish to discuss this resource in detail please use the discussion forum.

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