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Poetry: My Poetry Booklet
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This poetry booklet is the perfect way to get your class exploring outdoors while being creative with poetry. Each student gets their own personal booklet that they can use to think about the language that they can use to describe specific things before putting their thoughts into a poem. This booklet gives your students the opportunity to write acrostic, quatrain, and couplet poems along with another, which they can choose.

This resource is great for use at any time of the year.


  • Booklet cover.
  • Blank booklet cover (where they can draw their own).
  • ‘Beautiful Birds’ language ideas.
  • ‘Beautiful Birds’ acrostic poem sheet.
  • ‘Magical Mini-Beasts’ language ideas.
  • ‘Magical Mini-Beats’ quatrain poem sheet (ABAB rhyming pattern).
  • ‘Vibrant Views’ language ideas.
  • ‘Vibrant Views’ quatrain poem sheet (AABB rhyming pattern).
  • ‘Wonderful Weather’ language ideas.
  • ‘Wonderful Weather’ couplet poem sheet.
  • Free poem sheet (the children choose the form and subject for their poem).
Entire Booklet.pdf
Entire Booklet (blank cover).pdf
Booklet Cover.pdf
Booklet Cover - blank.pdf
Booklet Pages - Weather.pdf
Booklet Pages - Minibeasts.pdf
Booklet Pages - Views.pdf
Booklet Pages - Birds.pdf
Booklet Pages - Free Poem.pdf
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