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Recipe For A Woodland
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This activity is designed to get students thinking about instruction writing while appreciating the world around them. It can easily be adapted to suite a wide age and ability range.

Ages 4 – 6

Get students to go into your outdoor space / woodland area and draw something they really like about the area on ‘my favorite thing’ sheet (animals, plants, sky, etc.).

Come back together as a group and discuss what they have chosen as their favorite thing. Explain to the students that you are going to use all of their favorite things to create a recipe for a woodland. This can be done together verbally or by writing a recipe on the board.

Ages 7 – 9

Get students to go into your outdoor space / woodland area and draw / list all the things they like about the space on the ‘my favorite things’ sheet.

Once you’re back in the classroom (or an appropriate space outside), explain that they’re going to write a recipe for their perfect woodland, using all the things they thought about while outside.

At this point it’s good to show the students a variety of other recipes, getting them to highlight the key features. Once they are familiar with the key features, they can begin to write their recipe for the perfect woodland, using our prompt sheets to help if needed.

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