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Seed Dispersal: Sorting Seeds
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This activity looks at how plants and trees survive by dispersing their seeds which is a key aspect of the life cycle of plants. Your class will collect seeds and classify them based on the key dispersal definitions.

Teaching Structure:

- Discuss what a seed is and why it's important that they are dispersed. Explain that plants and trees have different seed dispersal tactics.

- Go outside and collect as many different seeds as you can. This can either be done during the school day (it can make a great trip!) or set as a home learning challenge.

- Put the class into small groups and give each group a set of the definitions. - Get the children to sort the seeds into the correct seed dispersal classifications. You can then take a photo or get them to draw the seeds onto the activity sheet and answer the questions.

- As an extension, get them to design their own seeds with a chosen dispersal method.

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