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Slide Science - Friction - Forces and Motion
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Slide science is a fun and practical outdoor science investigation where students will look into which materials create the most friction when sliding down a slide as part of your forces and motion topic. We love to add a competitive element to this activity by explaining to the students that their challenge is to figure out which material has the least friction before choosing one of the materials to use for a slide race!

Teaching Structure:

4 – 6:

For younger students, they can simply carry out the investigation and complete the results table (with support if needed).

7 – 9, 10 – 12:

- Get the students to complete the investigation method sheet.

- Carry out the investigation by sitting on the different materials and timing how long it takes to go down the slide.

- Complete the bar chart to show their results.

- Have a slide race! Get the students to choose the material that they think has the least friction and see who can get down the slide the quickest.

Equipment needed:

- A slide (the longer the better).

- Activity pack

- A selection of materials big enough for students to sit on.

- Stop watches

Slide Race Teacher Guide.pdf
Slide Race Investigation Method_ Diff. 1.pdf
Slide Race Investigation Method_ Diff. 2.pdf
Slide Race Results Table.pdf
Slide RaceBar Chart_ Diff. 1.pdf
Slide Race Bar Chart_ Diff. 2.pdf
Slide Race Evalutation Questions_ Diff. 1.pdf
Slide Race Evaluation Questions_ Diff. 2.pdf
Slide Race Class Race Results Table.pdf
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