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Stick Towers STEM Team Building
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This fun STEM team building activity is designed to get your students outside developing a variety of team learning skills as well as allowing them to enjoy using your outdoor space. Their challenge is to create the highest tower using sticks and string, however there are a few rules they must follow.

Each team will start with 100 points, and must use this to buy their equipment as follows:

  • Small stick = 5 points
  • Medium stick = 7 points
  • Big stick = 10 points
  • 10cm of string = 5 points

At the end of the time limit, they will measure the height of their towers and get 3 points per cm. They will add these points to the amount of points they have left after buying all of the equipment to obtain their total score.

A good time limit for this activity is 10 minutes with students in groups of 3 or 4.

Students can use our points table to keep track of what they have spent and how much they have left.

Along with being great fun and developing your class’ team and social skills, this activity is great as part of your financial literacy with simple addition and subtraction links.

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