Subtraction: Pair Cards

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Subtraction: Pair Cards

These pair cards are a great way for your class to be active while practicing their mental subtraction. This activity can be used effectively in a number of ways.

Hide & Seek: Hide the pairs cards around your outdoor space and send the class off to see how many pairs they can collect in a given time.

Collect the Answer: Give each child a question card and ask them to collect the answer value in leaves / sticks etc. Once they have completed this they can be given a new card and collect something else (after putting their leaves / sticks back!).

Pair Up: Give a card to each child in the class and see how quickly they can pair up with their corresponding partner.


  • Teacher's guide.
  • 16x pairs of subtraction cards.

Attached Files:

Teacher's Guide.pdf
Simple Subtraction Pair Cards.pdf


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