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The Lever Challenge
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For this activity students will be set the challenge to lift their partner off the ground without touching them using a set of materials provided. The idea is that they’ll create some kind of lever so they can stand on one side of the plank of wood and lift their partner on the other.

Our suggested teaching structure:

Planning sheet: 15 mins Building their lifting device: 20 mins Evaluation sheet: 15 mins This activity works best if students are left to produce their own designs and figure things out for themselves, however if by the end of the session, not all the students have figured out how to lift their classmate by using a lever, get some students to demonstrate and begin to explain how it works.

Resources per group:

- Activity pack

- Planning sheet

- Evaluation sheet

- Plank of wood

- Log / pipe (something to wrest the lever on) 

- Rope

Teacher Guide.pdf
The Challenge.pdf
Planning Sheet.pdf
Final Design.pdf
Evaluation Diff. 1.pdf
Evaluation Diff. 2.pdf
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