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The Seed Bomb Company - Science, Math & Literacy
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This is a fantastic topic or project with links to living things, maths, art, and business. Your class will create their very own business selling seed bombs where they'll need to create their business before making, advertising, and selling their seed bombs. It's great if you can also find some space for them to test and use the seed bombs themselves. 

This project is fantastic for developing team skills as well as making their learning relevant and meaningful. 

Teaching Structure: 

- Read through the instruction sheet explaining that they are going to make a business selling seed bombs. Encourage them to think about the importance of local flowers and the benefits they have on the local wildlife.

- Put the students into teams of 4 or 5 and get them to mind map their business ideas (name, who they'll sell to, how they'll advertise them etc.).

- The following activities and worksheets can be taught in an order which suits you and your class best. Below we have split them into subject areas which best relate to the activities. 

Art / Design: 

- Design a logo

- Packaging design


- Which Flowers: Research which native flowers would be good to include (you can collect or order seeds online). 

- Make the seed bombs by following the instructions.

- Optional: Design their own seed bombs by changing or adding to the ingredients  used. They can then re-write the instructions on how to make their own seed bombs. You could go a step further and get them to create a TV advert for their seed bombs. 


- Seed bomb instructions: Highlight the key features of the instructions.

- My Seed Bomb instructions: Re-write the seed bomb instructions with their own unique ideas. 

- Advertisement: Students will create a poster for their seed bombs.


- Cost and profits / sale prices: For these activity sheets students will work out how much it costs to produce the seed bombs, decide how much they will sell them for, and figure out their profits.

- Sales Report: Students will keep a record of their sales, recording their profits on here. 

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