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The Smell Hunt - Our Five Senses

The smell hunt is a great activity to get students exploring the wonderful smells nature has to offer. It's perfect if you're looking at our senses as part of the human body topic or descriptive writing and adjectives.

Students will find and crush the leaves of plants or trees before letting their partner smell the leaves without letting them see them. Their partner must then see if they can find the same leaves based on what they smelt.

For higher grade levels you can use small pots for them to collect and store the leaves in as well as completing the record sheet before swapping sheets with their partner.

This resource contains optional differentiated activities sheets that can be used to support this activity and provide good curricular links.

Record sheet: These sheets can be used for students to record the leaves they’ve collected and think of some adjectives to describe the different smells.

Evaluation: These sheets get students to think of the science behind smells, diving deeper into how we smell the crushed leaves and why things have particular smells.

The smell hunt is a great starter for our potion making resource.

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