We beleive that everyone should take responsibility for the impact that they have on the earth. We have made a pledge that our services will operate a carbon negative model (we will sequester more carbon than we produce). We will achieve this goal through a mixture of operating with a low carbon footprint, and through our support of various environmental and carbon-offsetting schemes around the globe.

Web Servers - Powered 100% by Renewable Energy

We operate 2 web servers. These web servers operate 24/7 and are where our website and resources are stored. These web servers are our biggest use of engergy. To reduce the impact that our web infrascruture has on the environment we use servers that are powered 100% by renewable energy. We use Kualo for this and we are pleased that their enrivonmental policies match with ours. You can find out more about this here: https://www.kualo.com/webhosting/green-web-hosting

Paper-Free Office

It's simple - we use no paper. All documents and invoicing are done electronically. If any of our suppliers are unable to meet this requirement then we will switch to someone who can. We make no compromises as far as the environment is concerned.

Other Power Use

Of course, as well as our web servers, we have an office to run - this mainly comprises of a computer and a kettle. Our office is powered by solar panels which means we are almost entirely carbon neutral. For any activities where carbon emmision is unavoidable we use recognized carbon offset and tree-planting schemes to capture the equivilent of at least 200% of the carbon that we have been responsible for producing.