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Acid Rain Plant Investigation: Sustainability, Pollution & Environment
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Engage your students in a captivating investigation as they explore the profound effects of acid rain on our environment. This outdoor science investigation is an ideal addition to your sustainability or pollution curriculum, providing students with valuable insights into a real-world issue. This immersive project spans a couple of weeks and is designed to enhance both investigative and observational skills.

Students will embark on an enlightening journey where they are entrusted with the care of three plants. Their mission: to investigate the repercussions of different strength acidic solutions on plant health. Each plant will be nurtured with a distinct acidic solution, varying in strength. Over the course of several days or weeks, students will meticulously document their findings through drawings and measurements. At the culmination of the investigation, they will analyze and compare the impact of these acidic solutions on the overall well-being of the plants.

This hands-on exploration promises to not only deepen your students' understanding of acid rain but also cultivate their scientific inquiry and analytical abilities. Get ready for a transformative learning experience that connects classroom concepts to the real world.

Acid Rain Teacher Guide.pdf
Acid Rain Mission Statement.pdf
Acid Rain Investigation Plan.pdf
Acid Rain Observation Sheet.pdf
Acid Rain Results Table.pdf
Acid Rain Line Graph.pdf
Acid Rain Investigation Questions.pdf
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