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Blindfolded Shape Game

This fun team building math activity gets your class thinking carefully about properties of 2-D shapes. This pack contains differentiated task cards where the students must give instructions to their blindfolded team to create the given shape using rope.

How to play: In teams of 4 or 5, all but one is blindfolded. Give each team a length of rope with the two ends tied together. Each blindfolded player holds part of the rope while the other player takes a card, and by using instructions only, gets their team to create the shape using the rope. Once the shape is complete they swap over and pick another card.

If you need to evidence this activity, you can get the students to take a picture once the shape has been completed.

Resources needed:

- Differentiated task cards.

- A length of rope per team with the ends tied together.

- Camera (optional).

Task Cards: Diff. 1Download
Task Cards: Diff. 2Download
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