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Character Creator - Descriptive Writing
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Get creative by creating characters using only natural materials that can be found in your outdoor space. For this activity students will create characters using leaves, sticks, stones and anything else they can find in your outdoor space.

The story ‘Stick Man’ fits in really nicely with this activity and can be good to read before letting the students create their own characters. Once you’ve given students time to create their own characters it can be nice to go around and share their creations, getting them to explain a bit about their creations. You can take this activity even further by taking a photo of their character and sticking it on the sheet (quarter page) or getting them to stick their character directly onto the sheet (doesn’t work so well if sticks and stones are used!) and then getting them to write some adjectives or sentences to describe their character around the outside.

This activity can make a great display!

More ideas… Once they’ve created their characters you can also get a learning assistant to interview them about their characters. Where do they live? What do they like doing? What are they scared of?

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