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Diary Writing: A Day In The Life Of A Bug

This diary writing & research project is a great way to get your class learning about and having fun with first person narrative in the form of diary writing (recounts) outdoors.

Your class are to choose a minibeast and spend a few days finding, exploring, and researching their chosen minibeast. They will then have great fun planning and writing a diary entry for their chosen minibeast based around ‘A day in the life of’.


  • Teacher guide.
  • Instructions cards.
  • Diary entry example.
  • 2 x differentiated drawing sheets.
  • 2x differentiated fact sheets.
  • Bug activity log sheet.
  • 2x differentiated diary writing templates.

You can find minibeast identification sheets here: Minibeast Identification Sheets

Teacher Guide.pdfDownload
Instruction Cards.pdfDownload
Diary Entry Example.pdfDownload
Drawing Sheet - Diff. 1.pdfDownload
Drawing Sheet - Diff. 2.pdfDownload
Fact Sheet - Diff. 1.pdfDownload
Fact Sheet - Diff. 2.pdfDownload
Bug Activity Log Sheet.pdfDownload
Diary Entry Sheet - Diff. 1.pdfDownload
Diary Entry Sheet - Diff. 2.pdfDownload
Estimation: Task Cards
Multiplication: Active Stations