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Dinosaur Footprints - Measurement & Ratio
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Dinosaurs and math. What's not to love! For this activity your students will walk like dinosaurs as they draw different species footprints onto card using their scaling and measuring skills before cutting the footprints out, strapping it to their own feet, and walk like the dinosaurs.

This outdoor math activity is great if you're looking at measuring, scaling up, and ratio.

Teaching structure:

- Explain that they will be investigation the size of dinosaurs feet. Go through the Google Slides to help to introduce the activity.

- Assign each student (or pair) a foot to go off and draw to scale either on card or on the playground using chalk (if you choose chalk on the playground you obviously can't strap it to their feet!).

- Give the students time to look at each others dinosaur feet and compare them.

This activity has two levels of differentiation.

- Diff. 1: Students simply read the measurements and draw the foot.

- Diff. 2: Students must first work out the true size by using the scale. There is an extension sheet where they will figure out the body and leg length based on the size of footprint.

Dinosaur Feet Teacher Guide.pdf
Dinosaur Feet_ Diff. 1.pdf
Dinosaur Feet_ Diff. 2.pdf
Dinosaur Feet Extension Activity_ Diff. 1.pdf
Dinosaur Feet Extension Activity_ Diff. 2.pdf
Addition Boards: Numbers 1 - 15
Subtraction Boards: Numbers 1 - 20