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Division Problems Task Cards - Long Division - Measuring
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These outdoor division task cards are a great way to give your class lots of practice at division using their chosen method. Each card contains a division problem that they will need to solve in your outdoor space.

In order to solve these problems, measure the given length stated on the task card using an appropriate method (string, ruler, etc.) and then divide the length by the length of the specified object (leaf, stick, or stone). For example, if the length of the playground was 25 meters and the length of a stick was 50cm, the division would be 25,000 / 50. This resource can be differentiated by getting the students to use the method of division best suited to their ability.

We find this activity is best done in pairs so that they can scaffold each others learning.

Division Task Cards Teacher Guide.pdf
Division Task Cards Activity Sheet.pdf
Division Task Cards.pdf
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