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Human Sundial - Earth, Sun & Moon

This investigation gets your class to look closely at their shadow, specifically looking at how it changes throughout the day. They will measure the length of their shadow at set time intervals and try to spot patterns in their results before thinking about the reasons behind these patterns. It is a great way to introduce the concept of the earth’s rotation while thinking about how you can use the sun to help tell the time.

For this investigation students (in pairs or small groups) will mark a spot with chalk and draw around and measure their shadow at set intervals throughout the day being sure to record their results on the table.

Teaching structure:

  • Investigation plan
  • Results table
  • Bar graph
  • Results questions

Resources needed:

  • Resource pack
  • Chalk
  • Clock / timer
  • Tape measure / equivalent
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Experiment Plan (diff. 1)Download
Experiment Plan (diff. 2)Download
Results Questions (diff. 1)Download
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Results TableDownload
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