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Light and Sight: Shadow Challenge Task Cards
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These challenges are a great addition to your light and shadow unit. They will get your students exploring shadows in a fun and practical way as they attempt to complete each of the challenges on the cards.

These challenges encourage self-discovery and independent thinking as well as teaching them how shadows are created and the influence that the angle of light has on the shadow.

This activity works best on a sunny day first thing in the morning when the sun is lower in the sky so that the shadows are larger.

These cards contain a main challenge as well as some having an extension to the task (written in purple) for more of a challenge. Cards 1 - 10 are more simple activities. Cards 10 - 20 are more complex.

Some of these cards work much better when students are working in a small group. For the cards where students are required to make their own shadows, it's really effective if you get them to use chalk to draw around the shadow they've created.

Digital version: You could get them to take photos of their shadows and upload it to the Google Slides.

There is also a printable answer sheet where they can record their challenges.

Shadow Challenges Teacher Guide.pdf
Shadow Challenge Cards.pdf
Shadow Challenges Answer Sheet.pdf
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