Math / Science Investigation: The Bug Hunt

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Math / Science Investigation: The Bug Hunt

A cross-curricular math and science investigation that involves getting outdoors on a bug hunt. Your class will learn about data handling, graphing (bar charts), estimation, averages, and basic number skills as they search for, and record, the different species of minibeasts that they find.


  • 3 large icon insect identification sheets.
  • 1 small icon insect identification sheet.
  • Instruction sheet.
  • Planning sheet.
  • Results table.
  • 2 x differentiated bar charts.
  • 1 x analysis sheet.

Attached Files:

Identification Sheets - Large Images.pdf
Identification Sheet - Small Images.pdf
Instructions Sheet.pdf
Planning Sheet.pdf
Results Table Sheet.pdf
Bar Chart Sheet - Diff. 1.pdf
Bar Chart Sheet - Diff. 2.pdf
Results Analysis Sheet.pdf


Let us know how you got on with this activity. If you wish to discuss this resource in detail please use the discussion forum.

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