Mental Addition Tarsia Puzzle

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Mental Addition Tarsia Puzzle

Please note: Although not specifically an outdoor activity, the large puzzles are great to use outdoors on a sunny day.

These entertaining, differentiated, math puzzles enable your class to practice their simple mental addition skills. The large puzzle pieces are great to be used as a fun outdoor or indoor extension or recap activity.  The small puzzles can easily be used as a full lesson activity. The bigger puzzles are great for younger children when support is available.


2x differentiated Tarsia puzzles each containing:

  • Large puzzle pieces.
  • Muddled up puzzle worksheet.
  • Tarsia puzzle answer sheet.

Attached Files:

Tarsia Puzzle 1 - Large Pieces.pdf
Tarsia Puzzle 1 - Muddled.pdf
Tarsia Puzzle 1 - Answer.pdf
Tarsia Puzzle 2 - Large Pieces.pdf
Tarsia Puzzle 2 - Muddled.pdf
Tarsia Puzzle 2 - Answer.pdf


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