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Mindfulness Task Cards - Brain Break
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Using the outdoors as a way to promote a healthy mindset as well as having a brain break from the classroom can have huge benefits on students' learning and emotional wellbeing. These outdoor mindfulness task cards can be used to give out to students when they are in need of some quiet time or a brain break from the classroom. Each card contains a simple activity that they can complete outside independently with minimal prep.

Each activity is designed to promote a positive mental wellbeing along with a calm mindset ready for work. These cards can also be used very effectively with SEN students that become overwhelmed within the classroom. If safe and appropriate, they can choose a card and spend 5 minutes completing the activity outside before returning to the classroom. This can help them take a minute to calm down and return to a better state of mind.

Mindfulness Task Cards Teacher Guide.pdf
Mindfulness Task Cards.pdf
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