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Nature Bingo / Scavenger Hunt - Beach and Woodland
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Exploring the outdoors is great fun. Get your students to head out on a scavenger hunt / bingo game where they will have to collect and spot different things, crossing it off their list as they go. It’s a great activity to do on a sunny afternoon to give your class a chance to release some energy and explore the outdoors.

This pack contains two sets of bingo sheets, one for school grounds / a woodland area and another for the beach.

Diff. 1: Students go outside and cross out the items once they have collected / spotted it.

Diff. 2: Students go outside and collect / spot items, working out calculations and identifying different living things. You can add a competitive aspect to this activity by setting a time limit for your students.

Resources needed:

  • Diff. 1: Bingo sheet
  • Diff. 2: Bingo sheet, scales, rulers, identification sheets / access to the internet
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Woodland Scavenger Hunt (diff. 1)Download
Woodland Scavenger Hunt (diff. 2)Download
Beach Scavenger Hunt (diff. 1)Download
Beach Scavenger Hunt (diff. 2)Download
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