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Nature Video Guide: Non-fiction Writing
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This is a great cross curricular activity where students will create a video tour on the nature around your outdoor area. It's perfect if you're looking at script writing, living things (habitats, animals, etc.) and video making. This activity is best done in pairs or small groups.

Teaching Structure:

Explain to the students that they're going to create a virtual video tour for nature around your outdoor space. Get them to complete the ideas sheet that encourages them to think about what they may want to include and how they will create the video. It can be good for them to walk around the outdoor space while doing this to help them get ideas.

Examples of things they could talk about: different habitats, trees, plants, animals, etc.

After this they will complete the script where they'll write exactly what they are going to say and what video will be played during the audio. Once they've completed their script it's time to film, record the audio, and edit it all together. These videos can be used in loads of different ways. You can create them into QR codes and put them up in your outdoor space, put them online, or simply share them with friends, family or other students.

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