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Number Line Ordering

This activity will help reinforce students’ understanding of place value as they sort numbers on a number line in a fun and practical way.

The pack contains two number lines and sets of number cards, one with numbers from 1 – 10 and another from 1 – 100.

Set up:

- Print out the number line cards and number cards (laminate if possible so they can be re-used).

- Create the number line by sticking / tying the number line cards to something (a fence, the floor, trees, etc.). Try to make the scales as accurate as possible.

Teaching structure:

- Give each child a number card and get them to run to the correct place on the numbers line.

- Once all students are in the correct place, get them muddle up, swap cards with somebody, then find the correct place on the number line.

- You can do this several times, giving students lots of practise at finding numbers on a number line. This activity is great both as a whole class and with smaller groups.

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