Onomatopoeia Poetry

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Onomatopoeia Poetry

This activity gets students listening to the sounds of nature as well as creating their own sounds as they explore the world of onomatopoeias before creating their own onomatopoeia poetry.

First, talk to the students about what an onomatopoeia is, sharing some examples of onomatopoeia poetry. Get them to highlight the onomatopoeias in the example poem. Students can illustrate this poem as a filler activity.

Next, get students to go outside to listen to what noises they can hear in nature. Encourage them to create their own noises (hitting rocks together, stamping through leaves, etc.). While they’re outside they can complete the ‘Sound Hunt’ sheet, creating some onomatopoeia art.

Once they have their list of onomatopoeias they can create their own poems, using the example to help them. This activity works great both individually and as pairs.

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