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Persuasive Writing: Woodland Estate Agents
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This resource is a fun way to get your class outdoors and putting their persuasive language and writing skills into practice. Your students will become estate agents for the week, finding and writing persuasive descriptions for outdoor areas to persuade their woodland friends that their area is the best home for them.

A great way to get your class exploring and becoming one with nature while enjoying their new jobs as estate agents and becoming persuasion pros!


  • Teacher guide.
  • Vocabulary help sheet.
  • Woodland friends sheet.
  • Booklet front cover.
  • Estate agent listing example.
  • Differentiated estate agent listing templates.
Teacher Guide.pdf
Front Cover.pdf
Woodland Friends.pdf
Vocabulary Help Sheet.pdf
Estate Agent Listing Example - US English.pdf
Estate Agent Listing Example - British English.pdf
Estate Agent Listing Sheet - Diff. 1.pdf
Estate Agent Listing Sheet - Diff. 2.pdf
Estate Agent Listing Sheet - Diff. 3.pdf
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